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Camp Schedule Week 2 and Distance Learning Updates

Updated Schedule for week 2:
Monday- All Members 8am-11am
Tuesday- All Members 8am-11am
Wednesday- Perc/Guard Only 8am-11am
Thursday- Perc/Guard Only 8am-11am
Friday- No Rehearsal

So that everyone can make an informed decision about your return to school, we’ve updated some details in regards to distance learning and marching band. Yes, we are still planning to have a half time show at this time. The adjustments to this week’s camp schedule were set in place so that directors can attend important return to school planning meetings and prepare classrooms. We are hitting the pause button on learning drill for our show until we have a more solid idea of our numbers for the season. Thank you again for an awesome first week and we look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

Distance Learning Update

June Rehearsals

We are so excited to begin welcoming band students back to campus!  We will have our first in person rehearsals this week for Color Guard and Percussion members!! June rehearsals are not required, simply encouraged. We will follow specific health guidelines and each student will have their temperature taken as well as being asked a few questions before they can enter the rehearsal. Please stay six feet apart and do not share any hand held equipment or water.  Percussion be sure to bring all of your sticks/stick bag and band binder.  Color guard, your equipment will be distributed to you at the rehearsal.  ALL STUDENTS are required to wear a mask during breaks.  You will be allowed to remove your mask while rehearsing/playing.  PLEASE BE SURE YOU ARE CONNECTED TO THE REMIND APP TO RECEIVE IMPORTANT UPDATES.

Thursday, June 18th

Percussion students will be divided into three groups as follows:

  • Group 1  9am-11am: Colin, Justin, Will, Conner, Aaron, Hayden, Kyle, Evan
  • Group 2  12pm-2pm: Nate, Natalya, Camden, Ian, Nick, Hyatt, Daniel
  • Group 3  2pm-4pm: Paris, Zak, Grant, Jonathan, Olivia, Sam, Thompson, Alexis, Madison


Color Guard will all rehearse outside together from 1pm-3pm